May 1st Fishing Report


We’re just a few days away from the 16th Otter Creek Classic. There is still time to sign up and grab some support stickers. We have some awesome prizes to give away at the BBQ this Sunday. When I think back to previous OCC tournaments high and cold water seems to be a trend; baring a big rain event this year will be much different. Over this week depending on the river system temperatures have ranged from the mid 40’s to mid 50’s. The mayflies I’ve seen hatching seem to prefer the cloudy/overcast drizzly days. Bug activity seems to peak in the early afternoons.

While all of my fishing has still been sub surface I’ve heard of anglers having success on dry flies. Fish have started to move out from the depths and hold in protected seams next to fast water. The several guided trips we have taken out have all produced a mix of wild and stocked fish. With the low and clear water I’ve started to size down my fly options which have consisted mostly of mayfly nymphs. Some flies to have on hand consist of pheasant tails, thread frenchies, blow torches, and red darts. I would expect as the water continues to warm caddis should start making more regular appearances so think walt’s worms, peeping caddis, and GTI’s. As fish start to key in on hatching bugs more a good option is to fish a soft hackle or a CDC nymph on your dropper on a 2 fly rig. Letting your flies swing up at the end of your drift can bring some aggressive strikes. 

This weekend is Vermont’s green up day. If you’re fishing the tournament you’ll get bonus points for collecting trash. If you find yourself elsewhere consider picking up trash as you fish. There’s no coincidence that trout need cold and clean water so please do your part to keep this state’s river clean. If you haven’t stopped in the shop recently we’re receiving summer clothing daily as well as hiking and camping gear. 



Previous Reports


March FIshing Report

While it may seem like spring has arrived, the last couple years has brought some of the best snow in the month of March. As I write this my weather app is calling for a half inch of rain today. This will bring high off color water for most of our rivers in central Vermont. Use extra caution if you haven’t fished yet this year. With all the flooding seen over the last year many of our rivers have changed. Gravel bars and other places you may have previously crossed may no longer exist. 


February 2024 Fishing Report,

Welcome to the first fishing report of 2024! As in years past the fishing regulations have changed to allow for much more catch and release fishing during the winter months. The state does have several special regulation rivers so be sure you double check that the spot you plan to fish is in fact open prior to wetting a line. 


Fishing Update: water on the small tributaries is dropping. Clarity is perfect for streamers. Try the best you can to keep your boots dry to avoid walking on or above spawning redds. 
The nymphing game can also be great with higher flows. Think heavy junk flies, I will usually fish two opposite colored flies on the same rig. Something bright and obnoxious paired with something more natural. Stop in the shop to stock up before the flows jump with the rain forecasted for this weekend.  

General Fishing Report for October 17, 2023

Trout fishing is still good out there, although some fish are starting to make the trek towards the slow side of the current seams.  Nymphs are still producing, with some small tan caddis and Blue Winged Olives hatching (mostly on cloudy days, when the air temp warms a bit).

General Fishing Report For October 6, 2023


General Fishing Report September 10, 2023


General Fishing Report for July 1 2023.

Conditions on our local trout rivers have been helped immensely by recent rains.  Not only does this allow the fish to spread out a bit and have access to lots of food, but regular rain events help keep the water cool.  However, do the fish a favor and keep taking those water temperatures.  Mornings have been the coolest, no surprise there.  Future forecast looks to be similar, warm days, but with showers and thunderstorms, perhaps a bit cooler towards next weekend. 


General Fishing Report for June 14 2023.


General Fishing Report for June 2, 2023


Just a few days away from the IF4 and OCC15 and all things considered, I don’t think that we could be asking for a better set up into the weekend.  Based on all my indicators this is looking to be one of the better fishing condition OCCs. If you’re still considering participating in the events, now is the time to get signed up because the fishing should be quite good this weekend.